4/ 71 Intake at the Victorian Resort of Puckapunyal.

It must have been day 2 when they marched us into one of those dome tin huts to get issued with our greens. I am first in line and front up to a wire mesh screen with a barking dog demanding ” what side do I dress on” , I looked at him a bit perplexed ” I get out of bed on the right” was my response and I am thinking to myself that it was a strange question to ask. Anyway, the barking dog gets louder ” listen you little sea urchin – what side do you dress on?”

I turned to the bloke behind me and he just shrugged his shoulders, I turned to the barking dog and responded ” I just told you that I get out of bed on the right side” Next thing he is just about climbing through the wire mesh screen yelling – ” what side does your c–k hang on you sea urchin” I looked down and responded “oh on the left” He gave me greens that were three sizes too big. Anyway I learnt about dress etiquette.

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